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Memorable Quotes from Sonny & Carly
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Marriage Proposals

Carly: Married. Right. You and me. Can't you just see us walking down the aisle?
Sonny: More or less.
Carly: You with a top hat and tails, me with a veil and matching tent.

Carly: What, no matron of honor? Monica would be crushed. Where would we put the crowds of adoring friends that gather to throw rose petals at our feet?
Sonny: Benny would throw rose petals. I'm sure Johnny would, too, if I asked him.

Carly: My point is that we're not a couple, and we don't have to be.
Sonny: We live together. We're raising two kids. What's a couple if we're not a couple?
Carly: Two people who love each other.
Sonny: Oh, and all those people that are running around in the park with their children, you think they all love each other? Stop being so naive.
Carly: This is insane.

Sonny: We're getting married by a priest.
Carly: Oh, my god. You're having a psychotic episode.
Sonny: Right.
Carly: I think you should sit down, take some deep breaths. It'll pass.
Sonny: Ok, that's very funny. But you know -- no, listen to me, ok? Look, I made up my mind about this the day I brought you into this home.
Carly: That's too bad. You should have told me about it because if you had --
Sonny: I was waiting to see how it worked out.

Carly: What, am I on the auction block?
Sonny: Well, I don't see a crowd of Romeos lined up at the front door.
: So that makes me desperate?
Sonny: Oh, have you spotted the personals lately? There's a lot of crazy stuff in there, you know, like, "successful man seeks pregnant mama with toddler and felony record."
Carly: That's fine, Sonny. Get mean.
Sonny: "No career prospects necessary. Professional liar?" Ok.
: You know -- no, on the list of reasons why I would never marry you -

Sonny: You'll never know until you try it on.
Carly: I can't.
Sonny: Why?
Carly: Because a ring means that you love me, and you don't any more than I love you.
Sonny: You want me on my knees?
Carly: No. That's the point. You and I, we don't have that.

Carly: No -- no, we're going to renew our vows in a couple of hours and it's very bad luck.
Sonny: We're already married.
Carly: I know, but I don't want to take any chances.
Sonny: You take more chances than anybody I know. You're fearless.
Carly: I know, and it drives you crazy. I do crazy things and take chances and screw up.
Sonny: I know who you are, all right? All of it -- it's ok.
Carly: I know.
Sonny: What are you afraid of?
Carly: I just love you so much, Sonny, and I just want this to last forever.
Sonny: It will, I promise.

Sonny: I hope you like it.
Carly: Oh, Sonny. Oh, it's gorgeous.
Sonny: This is our last time, so I just want everything to be perfect, ok?
Carly: It's already perfect. It's just you and me and no witnesses.
Sonny: Yeah. I don't want you running upstairs, ok? I want you to stay by my side.
Carly: You know, the first time we got married it was so different. I loved you. I did so much, but I just didn't believe you loved me, and I think if Jason hadn't been here, there's no way I would've gone through with it. But he made me realize that you love me, too.
Sonny: And I always will.
Carly: You know I feel like I don't deserve all this happiness that just -- just thinking about it that -- that something's going to go wrong. I know it's crazy, but -
Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's crazy.
Carly: I just couldn't stand it if anything pulled us apart.
Sonny: Will you stop with the "what ifs?" This is happening, we're getting married.
Carly: Yeah, but I just want to make it this time.
Sonny: We made it already. What are you talking about? Look how much we've been through, right? And we're still standing. Nothing's going to get in our way.

Sonny: We -- we're ready.
Carly: We're more than ready. We're extremely ready.
Father Martin: No more reservations, concerns? Now is the time.
Carly: No, I think that -- I love Sonny. Sonny loves me. We want to get married before god. We think he'll understand. 
Father Martin: The union of husband and wife is intended by god for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity, and, when it is god's will, for the procreation of children and their nurture in the knowledge and love of the lord. Therefore, marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly but reverently, deliberately, and in accordance with the purposes for which it was instituted by god. Into this union, Caroline and Michael now come to be joined.

Carly: Sonny, it's already been settled. The great love of your life has come back. Congratulations, Sonny. You know, you go to Brenda and you go to her with my blessings because I really -- I couldn't be happier for you.
Sonny: Ok, do I get to weigh in here?
Carly: You already did. You know what? Don't expect me to beg you to stay, though, because I'm not doing it. I know exactly what she meant to you in your life, and I am not going to interfere with your great love.
Sonny: Ok, I am not -- I'm not leaving for Brenda, first of all.

Carly: Ok, you know what? It would have been a hell of a lot better than what you did by keeping me at arm's length and keeping her in the next room, guarding her like she's some sort of secret treasure. You know what, Sonny? I am not going to be the next thing that gets in the way of you being with the woman you really love.
Sonny: All I want is to be with my wife. Can't I have that?
Carly: No, because your wife doesn't want to be with you.
Sonny: So you're ready to throw away a marriage that means so much to both of us because I used to love somebody else? I never claimed to come to you as a virgin. I've been with other women, some I even loved, in my way, which has nothing to do with us. You see, this is exactly why I didn't tell you about Brenda in the first place. I knew that this would happen.
Carly: No, don't, don't! Don't you dare blame this on me. Ok, this is about you, you and your obsession with that whiny little viper.

[Sonny sighs]
Sonny: You're my wife, ok? We're together. You know how I feel about you. We've been married, what, how many times now?
Sonny: It's never enough times.
Carly: You mean it?
Sonny: Cross my heart.

Carly: If I believe you, and I'm not saying that I will --
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: You need to know this is it. This is all I have left. I have no more reserves left. If you end up leaving me for Brenda anyway, I swear that everything you said is just a despicable act of cruelty, and I swear I will hate you for the rest of my life. But if you go now, we can salvage something, Sonny, so it's your choice.
Sonny: Come here.

Carly: I guess that I should've realized that people will say anything when somebody's dying in order to help you through it, you know?
Sonny: What do you mean?
Carly: Alexis made something up because I guess that she was trying to help me, but I wish she would've picked some other meaningless thing to say. Because she said that you told her that you wanted her to tell me that you love me. Like you would be thinking about me when you were laying there shot. You were probably telling her these are the orders that you wanted to give to Benny, right?
Sonny: I think I did. Then I realized that I couldn't breathe and I couldn't speak very well, and it occurred to me that I was probably going to die and I didn't want to. Not without telling my wife what she's given me. Not with out telling my wife what she is to me. So I grabbed Alexis and I told her to tell you that I love you. Because I love you with everything I have.

Carly: I never thought that you'd say that you love me. Or that, you know, you even ever really would.
Sonny: Now you know.
Carly: I wasn't sure if you wanted me to love you.
Sonny: We had a rough start.
Carly: Yeah. That's one way of putting it. I have loved you for a long time. You're my whole life, you know? When I almost lost you, it wasn't going to happen. You weren't going to die. I stood right here, and I prayed as hard as I've ever prayed for anything, not that I deserve to have any prayers answered or that I even really know what I'm doing. But your heart stopped, you know that?
Sonny: No.
Carly: The nurse said, "Call it." They wanted to say that you were dead. They wanted to pronounce you dead and let you go. I started screaming, yelling, pushed my way in here, and I was going to shock you myself if I had to. How hard can it be, right? But then they gave it one more try, and your heart started right up again.
Sonny: Your prayers were answered, huh?
Carly: I think they just wanted to shut me up.
Sonny: Yeah, that too.
Carly: I think I would've made a deal with the devil if I had to.
Sonny: If you did, tell me now.
Carly: No, I don't think I did. I'd know, right?
Sonny: You'd know.
Carly: I love you. I always will.

Carly: I knew you'd come back and you'd fall asleep with me in your arms and I'd wake up safe. We got through the worst of it now.
Sonny: That's right.
Carly: You know, when I was sitting there on the altar and I was waiting for you to come back, do you think that God was watching over me, that he was, like, giving me faith?
Sonny: You wouldn't stop fighting, that's all.
Carly: That's because my heart wouldn't let go. Nothing can keep us apart now. Not even us.

Carly: Sonny?
Sonny: Yeah? Oh, boy.
Carly: This isn't the part where you disappear and never come back because you love me so much, is it?
Sonny: I'd have been gone by now.
Carly: Just checking.
Sonny: Now, it's not going to take you, like, two weeks to get ready is it?

Sonny: Bless me, father, for I have sinned. I -- I hurt Carly deliberately. I -- I was cruel. I made her cry. But she sees right through me, father. She still wants me. She doesn't want to leave. I don't know how that happened. I thought spending my life alone was the price I had to pay for the way I live and the things that I do, but I guess you thought different. You exploded Carly into my life. Nothing is like before. The dark places are light, the quiet is noisy. I got a home full of love that I -- I never thought I -- I would have. I don't deserve Carly, but I love her and she loves me. And that' s what scares me. People who love me die. Maybe I should be asking you to give me more strength to push her away or for the power to leave her and never look back. But, you know, I -- I don't want to be strong. I want Carly in my life even if it's dangerous for her. I know that's wrong and it's selfish, but I'm a selfish man and I do bad things. But please don't punish Carly for my life. Protect her from harm and help me keep her safe. Help her be happy. And if a life has to end, if someone has to pay for the things that I've done, take me, not Carly. Until then, all I ask of you is to watch over her as much as you can, keep her safe, and let her know how much I love her even though I can't say those words sometimes. Thank you for sending someone who loves me for now and forever.  These things I ask in the name of the father, son, holy spirit. Amen.
Carly: Ok, ready?
{Sonny turns and smiles}

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